“El Rosario” the highest jump in Nicaragua

In the middle of the tropical forest in the north of Nicaragua is the highest jump of Nicaragua. It is called “El Rosario” and it is located in the community of the same name about 27 km northeast of Murra in Nueva Segovia. Here we are about 330 km from the Capital Managua.

Rosario Waterfall

The jump is formed by waters of the San Pablo ravine and small streams that descend from the summits until they fall into 4 rocky waterfalls. The waterfall is entirely on the property of Don Juan Antonio Moreno, it comprises about 100 manzanas of virgin forest. According to Don Juan, 41 years ago he began to work to protect the forest, he considers that trees give life to the forest, and without forests there is no water, without water there is no life.

Currently there is no access fee or tourist infrastructure, Don Juan is the one in charge of welcoming tourists and guiding the trail, to eat can be ordered on the farm to prepare homemade food and if desired stay for the night you can look for lodging in the town.

What to do in the place?

The contact with nature is assured, you can take walks on the trails of the mountain, in this place wild species abound, such as wild cats, birds of many diversity, coyotes, monkeys, squirrels among others.

Then we leave you a video from our Facebook page where you can appreciate the majesty of the waterfall and we throw you more data of the place.