Selva Negra is located at km 140 of the Matagalpa highway to Jinotega, they are about 2 hours away from Managua by private vehicle. If you go by bus it’s a little over 2 hours and 45 minutes. The road is in excellent condition and near you can appreciate nature on both sides of the road:

When you reach km 140, you will see a detour that is the entrance to Selva Negra, you can walk to the entrance of the place, or you can get into a vehicle, it is about 1 km of travel and the road is macadam, I went in vehicle Hatchback sedan and there was no problem, here I show you a photo of the road:

Once in Selva Negra you can enlist the camera and start enjoying this magical hideaway. I tell you that this is one of the oldest mountain hotels in Nicaragua, self-sustainable and ecological was built in 1975 by Eddy Khul and his wife. The weather is cool and cloudy, the average temperature is 19 degrees Celsius. You can start your tour visiting the room, if you wait for the right moment you can capture the spectacular mirror effect, here I managed to take this picture after waiting for little wind

Then you can go to the restaurant, there you will find a privileged view while you enjoy a good cup of coffee produced on the farm

Both the architecture of the restaurant and some cabins and rooms remind you of old Germany

In “Selva Negra” there are currently 14 trails, 6 of them designed for riding, also has 5 types of tours and observation of birds and flora of the place.

The place also has a chapel called San Nicolás, I have to tell you that the North American newspaper Huffington Post designated Selva Negra as one of the 13 favorite places in the world for weddings. (Link here).

This would be the first part of my tour of the spectacular Selva Negra, then I share an album on our Facebook page where you will find more photos, wait for the second part soon!