Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog, in this, our first entry we will try to answer several of the questions you have sent us through our Facebook and Instagram.

About us ?

We are Nicas eager to make known our country, its people, its culture, traditions, our purpose is to create a platform that serves as a guide for foreigners and nationals to find travel experiences, prices, restaurants, food, photography, videos and everything related to tourism.

Check :

This blog is born for people not only wanting to travel but for people wanting to change their lives, to move, to be freer and to get out of the routine. For people with concerns, they do not have to be backpackers or travelers that go around the world, but people who travel what they can or want to know more about Nicaragua but do not know how.

Our objetive :

We will try to tell you the story of each photograph and show you the photograph of each story, will you accompany us?

Our philosophy :

“In twenty years you will be more disappointed in the things you did not do than in the ones you did. So untangle and sail away from known ports. Take advantage of the trade winds in your candles. Explore It sounds. Discover”. Mark Twain

Can I be part of the team?

Off course! You can be part of our team, write to info@nicaraguaplanet.com

Can I send you photos / videos of my trips?

Off course! info@nicaraguaplanet.com, or via message through our Facebook and Instagram.