Located at 1500 meters at sea level, and just 100 meters from the main road, is the mystical: «La Bruja lagoon» in the «El pegador» region in the municipality of «Las Sabanas» in the department of Madriz. This lagoon of volcanic origin has an area of ​​more than 2 hectares, on its lands coffee and strawberries are grown and its waters are fished only for family consumption and during certain periods, this for the conservation of the wetland.

How to get?

The town of Las Sabanas is 262 km north of Managua and is located 24 km south of Somoto. Until this departmental head, you travel along the Pan-American Highway, then 24 cobbled kilometers to San Lucas. Between Managua and Somoto, the express bus ticket has a value of $ 3- $ 4, and between this departmental capital and Las Sabanas, $ 1.

What to do in the place?

The climate in “La Bruja lagoon” is pleasant and conducive to relaxing and observing nature. Once in the place, you can choose to buy a tour in the wetland, the cost is approximately 4 dollars, this includes:

  • Entrance to the sites
  • Rowing boat
  • Life-saving vests
  • Trekking * Hammocks
  • Strawberry tour

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Legends of the lagoon

la bruja lagoon


The place is full of legends, starting with its name. Legend has it that in the middle of the forest of the lagoon there lived a witch, who could turn into a snake and was in charge of disappearing all the curious who wandered around the lagoon. Another legend says that the lagoon has no bottom (this has not been verified). They also affirm that during Easter, some bushes that lie on the lagoon, move from one point to another. They say that in the past, the place was dangerous to fish alone, as there were disappearances.