El velero

70 km from the city of Managua, between «Puerto Sandino» and «El Tránsito» you can find a spectacular fine sand beach called after the community where it is located: «Playa El Velero» and on this beach one of its biggest secrets: some incredible natural pools.

The city of León is well known for having such popular beaches as “Poneloya” or “Las Penitas”, but a few kilometers before reaching the city you can find incredible little known beaches such as: El Velero beach. This is a semi-private beach, there is always a security guard at the entrance, access is free, the only thing they will ask for is your identification. (Remember to bring a driver’s license or identification card).

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This beach is of fine sand, with many rock formations at its ends, at one end there is a cliff, from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire beach. There are ocean currents near these cliffs, so it is recommended to swim with caution in this part of the beach.

el velero beach

When the tide goes out and away from the beach, some incredible “pools” are exposed that form some kind of natural pool, since these “natural pools” are shallow, you can perfectly cool off in its waters. These “natural pools of El Velero” are one of the biggest secrets in these areas, since few know about them due to the inaccuracy of when they can appear (they depend on the tide). In my experience, I have found them a few times around 3 in the afternoon.

el velero beach

How to get to this beach ?

This beach is approximately 70 km from Managua, if you travel by private transport from Managua the best option is to take the old highway to León. Directions on this map:


How to get to the natural pools of El Velero beach?

The natural pools are right in front of the beach, you can look on a website that shows you how the tides will be per day, for example:


And with that information you can guide yourself and go when the tide is low, it is the only thing you need to know to enjoy this beauty.